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Barnsley Skunkworks is a small and loosely structured group of cross-departmental council employees, coming together to research and develop innovative technology ideas, prototypes and solutions to town issues.

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What exactly is it?

Our "Skunkworks" are day-long sessions run on the fourth Thursday of each month. They take place as hack-day style events over 8 hours from 9am to 5pm. Teams are formed around prioritised issues and they set about building technology prototypes to solve them. The days end with demo presentations looking to secure invest-to-save funding and formal business case support for real-world development.

Is it for you?

Who is it for?

If you work for Barnsley Council and have an interest in using technology to improve the lives of council staff, town residents, businesses and visitors, then we'd love for you to get involved. We need people that can provide any of the following skills...


We need people who can design intuitive solutions that meet user needs


We need people who can write code that can bring solutions to life for their users


We need people who can put together hardware components to create solutions


We need ideas - problems to solve, people to help, processes to streamline

Automated pothole reporting
Developing a camera rig with OpenCV image interogation for our fleet of vehicles
Workforce Mobilisation
Enabling sensors to detect hotdesk occupancy in council offices
Networks and Connectivity
Supporting the rollout of The Things Network for IoT device connectivity across Barnsley

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